Owlwise for Volunteer Organizers

The spirit of volunteering is alive and well!

Yet, there is disconnect between how young adults and students today search for volunteering opportunities and how many event organizers advertise and seek volunteers and participants.

Many community volunteering organizers still rely on traditional advertising means – flyers, community newspapers, word of mouth. These are not effective means to reach students, who receive their information electronically online and on their phones.

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Reach More Potential Volunteers – Market Your Event on the Owlwise Directory for Free

The Owlwise Directory is an online listing of registered Schools, Clubs, Camps, Events and Volunteer Opportunities and reaches thousands of Students and Parents.

Registered Volunteer Event Organizers can advertise their Event on the directory for free.

Set-up detailed profile about your Volunteering Event and market to a wide audience of potential volunteers, participants and donors.

A More Efficiently Run Event

Owlwise allows you to register and communicate with volunteers online. You can notify volunteers and participants of upcoming events, send out forms and documents and set-up reminders on their Owlwise calendars.

Owlwise also has tools to allow volunteers to track their volunteering hours.

Accept Donations and Payments for Events Online

If you still collect payments for donations and events by check and cash, Owlwise will allow you to go completely electronic for billings and collections, leading to faster cash flows, reduced NSF’s, greater donor convenience and higher security for your volunteers.

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