Owlwise for Sports & Fitness

Owlwise allows you to attract and retain more members, speed up cash flows and eliminate inefficient paper processes.

Owlwise is unique in the marketplace. Our cloud based platform is secure, easy to use and is more cost effective than other Sports and Fitness Club software systems. We offer the most comprehensive list of tools to manage your club’s marketing, day to day administration, communications and coaching delivery. Owlwise is modular, which means our tools can also be used individually alongside your existing tools to complement your processes with minimal disruption.

Organizations that use Owlwise:

  • Martial Arts Clubs
  • Team Based Sports
  • Individual Based Sports Clubs
  • Hobbies Clubs
  • Fitness Gyms
  • Dance Studios
  • Yoga Studios
  • Community Groups and Associations

Whether you run a for profit sports club or not for profit club, the key to financial success is to driving up registrations and maximizing year over year retention. Owlwise allows members and parents to find your club and to conveniently register and pay online.

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An Efficiently Run, More Profitable, Club

If your club still relies on paper registrations and manual processes to handle student records, events and communications, Owlwise can help you save time and money.

If you still collect payments for programs and events by check and cash, Owlwise will allow you to go completely electronic for billings and collections, leading to faster cash flows, reduced NSF’s, greater customer convenience and higher security for your members.

Studies have shown that school that set-up preauthorized debit and recurring credit card payments for their fees enjoy lower attrition rates. Furthermore, consumer studies also show that consumers tend to spend more money when they have the ability to pay by credit card.

When a member or parent is required to prepare a batch of checks or if they need to complete paper forms to reregister for each session, it gives them the opportunity to quit. Conversely, using preauthorized and recurring payments require your customers to terminate the relationship and discourage attrition.

Timely Coaching Feedback – Higher Athlete Performance

Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud provides coaches with an online coaching and communication solution that is easy to learn, secure and fun to use.

By using Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud you can:

Owlwise’s tools also helps coaches to save time notifying members and parents of events, competitions and announcements. Enable parents to provide permission and to pay electronically with a push of a button. No more paper forms and handling checks.

Reach More Potential Applicants – Market Your School on the Owlwise Directory

The Owlwise Directory is an online listing of registered Schools, Clubs, Camps, Events and Volunteer Opportunities and reaches thousands of Students and Parents.

Registered Clubs can advertise on the directory for free.

Set-up detailed profile about your Club and your programs and market to qualified prospects.

Owlwise is cost effective and results in an immediate return on investment. In fact, many of its features are free.

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