Owlwise for Schools

Owlwise brings closer collaboration and more efficient and engaging communications between schools, educators, parents and students.

Owlwise is unique in the marketplace. Our cloud based platform is secure, easy to use and is more cost effective than other school software systems. We offer the most comprehensive list of tools to manage your school’s marketing, day to day administration, communications and education delivery. Owlwise is modular, which means our tools can also be used individually alongside your existing tools to complement your processes and with minimal disruption.

Organizations that use Owlwise:

  • Private and Independent Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • K12 & Higher Education
  • Faith Based and Secular
  • Adult Training Programs
  • Tutoring Schools
  • International Language Schools
  • Art Schools
  • Music Schools
  • Daycare Facilities

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Greater Engagement Leading to Higher Student Retention and Revenues

Forward thinking schools use Owlwise to provide them with a competitive advantage over schools that have not embraced the use of secure online technology to better communicate and engage with stakeholders.

The success of your Private School is ultimately driven by how well you attract and retain students.

The private school business is dynamic and can be extremely rewarding. Yet, it is a competitive business – regardless if you are a For-Profit or a Not-for-Profit organization. Your ability to keep enrollment strong and to minimize student attrition is what will allow your school to grow and thrive.

Critical to this is achieving deep and meaningful student and parent engagement with your school and with your teachers. Your stakeholders must feel involved with your school. Parents want to be able to communicate their thoughts and concerns and have visibility on their child’s progress, what teachers are teaching and how your school is providing a superior educational experience.

Owlwise provides schools with an easy to use, secure and affordable platform to engage with technology savvy students and busy parents.

Learn more about the importance of parent engagement from Reed Sumida, Managing Director, The Independent School Performance Group Inc. http://www.ispginc.com/student-retention

In a report titled ”Enhancing the Customer Experience and Engagement in Retail,” PeopleMetrics finds that companies focusing on customer engagement realize a 13 percent revenue reward, compared to a 36 percent revenue penalty for those companies obstructing customer engagement.

Enhanced Parent Convenience and Satisfaction

Parents today are busy – the combination of hectic careers, kids, elder care, and the increasing demands of modern life make parenting extremely challenging. Yet, the parents of your school want to provide the best educational experience possible for their children.

Owlwise makes their lives easier and less stressful.

Our tools allow parents to conveniently register for your programs and approve and pay for events online. Our parent dashboard provides them with tools and calendars to stay on top of school events, notifications, key dates, grades and homework assignments.

Busy parents don’t like paper forms and preparing checks. Paper forms are not environmentally friendly, inefficient, time consuming to complete and get lost easily. Registrations each year with paper forms is a really pain point for parents and contributes to attrition.

The business world that your parents are accustomed to is already moving away from paper checks to electronic payments. Having children carry checks, or even worse, cash, is simply unsafe.

Higher Student Performance – A Better Education Product

Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud provides Schools with a comprehensive paperless, online learning environment. Paper notebooks, textbooks, agenda books are becoming a thing of the past. The work force of the future is knowledge based and need to master digital, mobile and cloud based technologies.

Is your school properly preparing your students for the future? Parents will choose schools and programs that prepare their children for the technologically connected world over schools that appear backwards in their use of technology.

In fact, many public schools have put in a Moodle like system, albeit they are cumbersome to install and complicated to use. Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud allows you to quickly implement an eLearning system that is feature rich, intuitive and cost effective compared to systems currently used by public schools.

Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud is easy to learn, secure and can be deployed rapidly.

Why Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud?

This result in a better education experience and a superior overall product compared to traditional paper only schools.

An Efficiently Run, More Profitable, School

Running a school efficiently and cost effectively is no different than it is for a profit oriented business. However, many schools tend to be behind the business world when it comes to using technology to efficiently manage their school. If your school still relies on paper registrations and manual processes to handle student records, events and communications, Owlwise can help you save time and money.

If you still collect payments for programs and events by check and cash, Owlwise will allow you to go completely electronic for billings and collections, leading to faster cash flows, reduced NSF’s, greater customer convenience and higher security for your students.

Studies have shown that school that set-up preauthorized debit and recurring credit card payments for their tuition and fees enjoy lower attrition rates. Furthermore, consumer studies also show that consumers tend to spend more money when they have the ability to pay by credit card.

When a parent or student is required to prepare a batch of checks or if they need to complete paper forms to reregister each session, it gives them the opportunity to quit. Conversely, a preauthorized and recurring payments require your customers to terminate the relationship and discourages attrition.

Reach More Potential Applicants – Market Your School on the Owlwise Directory

The Owlwise Directory is an online listing of registered Schools, Clubs, Camps, Events and Volunteer Opportunities and reaches thousands of Students and Parents.

Registered Schools can advertise on the directory for free.

Set-up detailed profile about your School and your programs and market to qualified prospects.

Owlwise is designed for independent schools. It’s cost effective and results in an immediate return on investment. In fact, many of our features are free.

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