Owlwise for Coaches & Instructors

Owlwise provides coaches and instructors with an easy to use and secure platform to teach technology savvy athletes and engage with busy parents.

We know that as a coach your desire is to help your athletes reach their potential.

Yet, coaching today is challenging and can be very stressful. Administrative duties and paper work further take away from the time you have to teach.

Athletes also learn and communicate differently than in the past. Traditional training methodsneed to be supplemented with electronic communications and collaborative learning. Parents are also busier than ever, but increasingly demand to be engaged and to be more actively involved with their child’s activities. The popularity of mobile technology has created the expectation of faster and more frequent communications. At the same time, instructors are very conscious of security issues surrounding their athletes.

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Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud provides coaches and instructors an online teaching and communication solution that is easy to learn, secure and fun to use.

By using Owlwise Moodle in the Cloud you can:

Owlwise’s tools also helps coaches to save time notifying athletes and parents of events, competitions and announcements.Enable parents to provide permission and to pay electronically with a push of a button. No more paper forms and handling checks.

Owlwise’s objective is to make your job easier, less stressful and to allow you to achieve better results for your athletes.

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